Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Elsie by Twilight

So I was going through my pictures directory, and came across a really great photo from the 2003 San Diego Miata Club "Twilight Run". Some kind member of the club ran ahead and took photos of the 80+ cars coming down the Sunrise Highway, timed to the sunset. The Twilight Run was our first club event, just 1 week after buying our Miata and joining the club.

After spending so much time working on the wheels for Elsie (the Miata) this weekend, this image was a nice reminder of what the work was about: Cool summer evenings with the top down and Kimberley in the passenger seat.

Thanks also to Jeanette Driver and Tom Wood for photos of us with "Elsie" during this year's 10th Anniversary Twilight Run too:

(Sixth from the left in the front row)

(Seventh from the rear, the blurry Laguna Blue colored dot...)

It was another beautiful run this year, cool and clear skys (ever so important in a convertable).
The really amusing part of this run every year is that invariably, some poor schmuck gets stuck trying to turn onto or across one of the roads we're on, and has to wait for all 70 or 80 of us to come streaming by before he can make his turn...

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