Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Revenge of the BBS's

OK, looks like the weekend of scrubbing nasty brake dust off the BBS wheels has taken its toll, I think I've got a "Repetetive Strain Injury" or something like it. While in bed last night my hands kept getting that tingly/numb feeling anytime I wasnt' lying on my back with my arms at my sides... Yuk.

Little bit of dull pain in my right wrist if I move it wrong too. I'm hoping it will go away now that I've stopped scrubbing wheels.

I've occasionally had a little bit of soreness in my left wrist after upsetting some pieces for the Fireplace Toolset I'm making in my Blacksmithing Class. Something about swinging the big hammer at an awkward angle is tough on my hammer wrist, but its not something I do very much so I'm not too worried about long term damage, and it seems to have gone away once I stopped.

At least I'm almost done with the toolset. The four-post stand is done, the handles for the poker, shovel, tongs, and broom are done. I've drawn the taper for the "business end" of the poker, and now that I'm done upsetting the middle of the tongs I can punch the holes for the pivot. Finishing the shovel will be the last really hard job, I think. I'm going to split the end of the bar so I can make little vine "tendrils" that wrap around the shovel pan, it should complete the leafy/vine look I've got going on the handles.

I really should get some pics of this, I imagine its basically impossible to get what I'm talking about here unless you're a blacksmith...

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