Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Going on Vacation!

Yep, finally some time off! Although Kimberley and I have only been married for a bit more than four years, this November we'll be celebrating 10 years together.

To make it special, I've planned a wonderful trip through Arizona, seeing all of the sights that Kimberley has never seen, and that I haven't seen since a child. We'll spend one night at the Grand Canyon, three nights in Sedona, and two nights in Phoenix visiting family.

Should be a fun and romantic trip, and I'm especially excited about the B&B I've booked for Sedona. We'll be in the "Tuscany Villa" at the Adobe Village Villas (http://www.sedonasfinest.com/).

Is it just me or is "Adobe Village Villas" redundant? :)

Anyhow, I've ordered a new supersmall laptop to replace my ancient Fujitsu P133 Lifebook that I've had since college. I've long since learned the value of having really good maps on hand at all times, and the GPS tracking and route adjusting makes it all the better, especially since map-reading is not one of Kimberley's stronger skills.

Begin Rant...
Parents: Teach your kids how to read maps. Teach them how to compass orient a paper map, how to sight landmarks, and keep track of where they are. This is one of the GOOD things I learned in the Scouts before I realized they were a group of passive Gay-Bashers. The other thing I learned in this context was that Navy people (my ScoutMasters at the time) insist that "orientate" is a real word. As in: "This is how you orientate a map with a compass." Ugh.
...End Rant

The point I was going to make before I got distracted was that I'm going to try to Blog the whole journey, and post some pictures, if I can. Although that depends largely on how much success I have dialing in to an ISP and how frustrated I get at Dialup speeds. I haven't used anything but a Broadband connection to the Internet in more than 6 years...

Wish us luck, it should be a blast!

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