Thursday, December 09, 2004

Support your local Sniper

OK, here's a link I came across today.

If I wasn't angry at "the war" before (I was), this would have done it. The idea that a nation like ours could send our own into battle without the best equipment we can produce really pisses me off. Of course this comes right at the same time with the current flap over Rumsfeld's Q&A session in Iraq. (i.e. "Why are we digging in landfills for armor?" question, planted or not, is still a good question)

Maybe its because I grew up here in San Diego, or maybe I've just watched too many movies, but I feel like these are "my" Soldiers. Serving this country is a noble effort in itself, and every Squiddy, Jarhead, Airedale, or Grunt in uniform gets my respect, but I feel some sort of extra empathy for the Marines. Camp Pendleton is practically our backyard. MCAS Miramar IS my backyard, goddamnit. A big chunk of these guys learn their trade here. The idea of one of "our" Marine Scout/Snipers unable to do the job, or worse - in danger, because of a lack of equipment breaks my heart.

Needless to say, I'm making a contribution. I'll also see if I can send a letter of support along, maybe I'll get lucky and net a penpal or something.

Anyhow, they're a 5013C non-profit organization, so if you need a tax writeoff before the end of the year, look 'em up!

Cheers.