Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Overland Expo or Bust!

OK, it's March and I haven't posted since November 2010, so it must look like I'm making no progress on the Astrolander, right? Couldn't be more wrong. In just over seven days, I'll be departing for Overland Expo 2011. To paraphrase their slogan, I'll be spending three days getting trained and getting inspired, hopefully I will be more or less outfitted by then. ;-)

The trick is that in addition to all the training and experiences I'll be having AT the Expo, this also represents the first dry run for the Astrolander with a full 3+ days of boondock camping, whether I'm ready, or not. I've had this on the calendar since last year, but the pressure to get things ready really kicked in around November/December. Unfortunately, that's also Science Olympiad "season" around these parts, and I got talked into coaching an event again this year, so there went a good chunk of December, January, and early February. I've been making up for the lost time with some late nights and full weekends, but the crazy build schedule hasn't left much time for blogging the progress. Look forward to more of my "retroactive" build entries with more detail, but for now, here's a short list of the things I've been working on:

  • Designing, building and installing the whole rear storage/bed-platform cabinetry system
  • Installing the cabling, charge controller, and AGM for the House battery system
  • Running long-scale power consumption tests on the DC fridge in order to spec the above system
  • Machining and installing curtain tracks, curtains
  • Laminating additional supports to the roof for the rear of the upper bunk
  • Re-gluing the bulb seals around the pop-top
More importantly, here are a few of the things I still hope to get done before I leave for OvEx:
  • Finish carpeting bed platform and battery box
  • Cutting Reflectix insulating panels for the windows
  • Sewing slip cover for the rear mattress (Handed off to Mom!)
  • Installing new CB antenna mount, CB
  • Welding drop-tables for the dutch-door kitchen
One or more of those tasks may not "make it", but I'll do my best!  Pictures to come as soon as I have some time to breathe.