Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miata Parts for Sale

This posting is for all of my Miata owning friends and former club-mates from the SD Miata Club. As much as I miss the SDMC after selling my Miata "Elsie" a couple of years ago, its time to face the fact that I'll probably not have another Miata anytime soon, so I need to sell the remaining accessories that have been hanging around in my garage.

I have the following items for sale. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I'll also arrange pictures on request.

Wheels: SOLD

Hardtop: SOLD

Flyin Miata MiataLINK ECU + Injectors:
1994-1995 cars only (*see below for 1989-1993)

This is a fully programmable REPLACEMENT ECU, allows tuning of spark, fuel, rev-limiter, even fan temperature! Used on a Normally Aspirated car, the MiataLINK is good for 5-10hp (with deletion of restrictive intake air sensor). Example here.

On a Forced Induction car, this is really the ultimate solution for making "the big power". The LINK ECU has seen as much as 400HP! Example here.

I am including all of the following:
  • MiataLINK ECU, mounted in spare 1995 ECU case, so you can keep your current ECU cased up as a backup. Basically a plug-in operation, just a couple of wires have to be moved in the harness. ($1546 value)
  • RC 550 Injectors, recommended for Forced Induction installations, includes Injector ballasts ($415 value)
  • Intake Air Temp. sensor
  • Optional knock sensor ($92 value)
  • Programming keypad, and all interface cables and manuals
  • Serial link adapter for use with Laptop or PDA ($80 value)
  • BONUS: Compaq PDA that can program and log from the ECU if you don't have a laptop. (Laptop and DataLogLab software recommended for initial programming).
  • * I also have an adapter harness to use this with the 1.6L ('89-93) cars. I've never used it myself, but this was built and used by the original owner of the MiataLINK that I purchased from. FlyinMiata doesn't officially support this option via tech-support, as far as I know, but for an adventurous 1.6L owner, this could be a steal of a deal.
Price: All of this would be over $2100 new, yours for $1400! (Negotiable)

Flyin Miata says this:

Total control. This fully programmable ECU (Engine Control Unit) gives you the ability to change everything from fuel and timing curves to the temperature at which your fan turns on. If you want to produce safe power out of a forced induction engine, it`s a must - so it`s included with many of our kits. Also eliminates the stock airflow meter for less intake restriction. Naturally aspirated cars benefit as well! This is the most popular engine management for the Miata, and for good reason.

The software that the ECU runs is written specifically for the Miata and is not available anywhere else. Instead of adapting a generic computer and sensors to your car, this will start up the first time and has been developed to make your Miata run as well as possible. To safeguard your engine, it will even go into a limp-home mode if the certain sensors indicate a problem. Naturally it comes with Flyin' Miata's full support by both phone and email.

Read more from Flyin' Miata Here.


Friday, May 02, 2008


Had a little trouble with RV parking (somebody in my spot), but the Camparu is all set up, so I'm off to explore until someone realizes I don't belong here!

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Summary only...

Arrived, time for dinner!

Whenever possible, eat local and avoid franchises!

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Summary only...

Bugatti near Buttonwillow

Nice finding to break up the asphalt.
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Live blogging Maker Faire

Heading out now, only about an hour behind schedule.

Added a ground strap to the CB antenna to try to lower the SWR a bit.

And so it begins...

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