Sunday, August 30, 2015

Refurbishing a Wooden Box for a Shoe Shine Kit

It's time for another project.  Back in June, we celebrated our Anniversary, and Kimberley gifted me with a wonderful subscription to Bespoke Post.  My first "box" was a seriously complete shoe shine kit.

I already had a few bits and pieces for caring for my few items of quality leather footwear, but like many guys, I was storing it all in an old shoebox.  As I've invested recently in some better shoes, this was a fitting gift, but it was so upscale that it felt awkward just to chuck it all into the same ratty old box.

I remembered that I had an old wooden box that had belonged to my Grandfather.  It had been among his vast trove of random objects in his garage after he'd passed away.  When my mother conveyed to me a small collection of hand-tools from his bench, she used the wooden box to carry them.  Honestly, I have little idea what the box would have originally been used for, but I understand why it was there - like my Grandfather I'm always loathe to discard any object that can be made useful again.